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Growing Quality Fruit Since 2000.

Since 2000, Lincoln Line Orchards has been operated by Peter and Mary Bosman's family. We care for 50 acres of fruit production; growing apples, pears, peaches, and plums. Located in Smithville on Highway 20, our farm market is open all year long! During seasonal harvests, we offer local strawberries, corn, pumpkins, and squash. We also have our own fresh-pressed cider, delicious pies & baking, honey, maple syrup, and a great selection of Mennonite preserves. Stop by our store to stock up on apples & browse through all our local products!
At Lincoln Line Orchards, we maintain a farm that has been producing fruit for over 50 years. We encourage buying locally and are thankful for all the support!

What Do We Grow?

We grow 25 varieties of apples. All our fruit is stored in Controlled Atmosphere coolers where they are kept fresh & crisp year round! Try a new apple when you visit and find your favourite! Year Round Apples: • Honey Crisp • Jona Gold • Mutsu • Ambrosia • Royal Gala • Empire • Red Delicious • McIntosh • Cortland • Northern Spy • Ida Red • Russet Short Season Apples: • Elstar • Sunrise • Zestar • Crimson Crisp • Fuji • Ginger Gold • Blondee • Golden Gala • Lodi • Paula Red • Vista Bella • Jona Mac
Each pear has its own level of sweetness and unique textures. We grow 8 delicious varieties! • Bosc • Flemish Beauty • Bartlett • Anjou • Honey Gold • Red Bartlett • Harrow Crisp • Clapps
We started growing our own peaches & plums within the last 10 years and haven't looked back! Our peaches have an incredible sweetness & juiciness...you will have to try one for yourself to see! We grow 5 different kinds of plums: • Yellow • Ozark • Italian • Vanier • German

Our Farm Story

Peter & Mary Bosman
We moved to the Niagara Region in 1999 and soon began a new chapter of apple farming, while raising our six children. As our kids grew up, they helped in the orchard, in the store, and at farm markets. Presently our son, Ron, works side by side with Peter, operating the orchard while Mary operates the store. We have multiple crews of local employees working in the store and in the orchard throughout the year. Peter and Mary’s grandchildren also love to come visit and spend time on the farm! The orchard has been in existence since 1960! Over the years, many old trees have been replaced and today we take care of around 30,000 fruit trees. We have replaced standard sized trees with smaller dwarf trees to make labour easier and maximize the size and colouring of the fruit. The dwarf trees are supported with stakes and trellises and trickle irrigation line the rows, giving the trees moisture in drought situations. Converting to dwarf trees and intensive plantings is the modern management of fruit farming in order to be economically viable. On our farm we also use integrated Pest Management Techniques; we have completed an Environmental Farm Plan. To naturally control some of the insects, we have installed bat houses and place pheromone lures in the trees. Taking care of an orchard throughout every season is a labour of love. During the late winter season, Ron and Peter spend their time winter pruning the trees. Pruning allows the tree to be more productive as well as controlling the size of the trees. After the bees pollinate the blossoms in May, fruit begins to grow on the trees in June. From July to August, our work crews thin down the clusters of fruit on each tree. Thinning gives an opportunity for fruit to grow bigger in size and keeps the branches from snapping under all the weight. Summer pruning begins once thinning is completed. This pruning season allows as much sunlight to reach the fruit, sweetening and colouring the fruit beautifully. Harvest begins in late August and runs until late October. Many uncontrollable events can plague the orchard during these months from insects and fungal diseases to hail, creating much damage. As these events are out of our control, we thank God for giving us the faith to endure such calamities and to be especially grateful in the good times. We have been blessed with many years of bountiful harvests! After harvest is complete, we store all our apples and pears in excellent Controlled Atmosphere (CA) coolers. The coolers are sealed and the oxygen is removed to 2%, keeping the fruit crisp and fresh for 6-8 months. The temperature in the coolers are close to freezing and moisture is retained in the rooms so the fruit will not dehydrate. Because of CA storage, we are able to offer fruit well into the next year without compromising quality. This method keeps the fruit tasting fresh and crispy, like it just came off the tree!

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